Future Perfect exercises

1. I (improve) my English by the time I finish this course.
2. By next October, I (register) for university.
3. I (learn) enough Spanish to communicate before I go to university in Seville.
4. By the time I graduate from university. I (have) my medical practicum .
5. After seven years, I (qualify) as a doctor.
6. I (fill) in all applications before the deadline.
7. I (be) in Seville for six years by the time I return home.
8. By the end of year, I (study) Spanish for five years.
9. In six months, we (finish) our Baccalaureate.
10. We (do) some research on the gifts of youth for a week next Tuesday.


1. Barbara and her husband visit the south of Morocco by the end of next week
2. Next week, that football player play with our national team for six years.
3. By 2020, our population increase enormously
4. By the beginning of June, my father return to France.
5. Two new private radio stations start by the end of the next month.
6. Many women join this association by the beginning of the next year
7. The school library receive many interesting books and magazines by the end of this month
8. This time next year, hundreds of palm trees plant in our area
9. A new generation of mobile phones launch in the market by the end of the decade.
10. A considerable number of employees hire in that international company by next June
11. Scientists possibly develop a new vaccine for AIDS in ten years



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