Time connectors means ‘setelah/sesudah’. We use this connector to describe when something happened or will happen. It connects two clauses (main clause and dependent clause)

Here are some time connectors which are usually used.

1. After
It means ‘later in time’ (sesudah/setelah)
After the train had left, we went home
• The students had a biology class after the first break ended this morning.

2. Before
It means ‘earlier than’ (sebelum)
• I arrived before the stores were open.

3. Since
It means ‘from a past time’ (sejak)
• I have been here since the sun rose.

4. Until or Till
It means ‘from a past time’ (hingga/sampai)
• I will wait until I hear from you.

5. When & While
When is used to show a shorter duration; while is used to show a longer duration.
When means ketika/pada saat, while means sementara/sedangkan.
When mother arrived home, I was studying in my room.
• My father was watching television when his friend came.
While it was snowing, we played cards.
• Mother is cooking for breakfast while I am watering the flowers.

6. As
It means ‘when’ (saat/ketika)
• We watched as the plane took off.
As you arrived home, your friend had already left.

7. As long as
It means ‘when’ (selama)
• Mr. Andy has lived there as long as I have known him.

8. As soon as
It means ‘immediately when’ (segera)
• Write to me as soon as you can.

If an adverb clause occurs before the main clause, use a comma.
• While he was talking on the phone, he was describing his newborn.

If an adverb clause occurs after the main clause, do not use a comma.
• Dika was watching his baby when you called.


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