Descriptive texts: Intan


Last holiday my family and I had a chance to visit my uncle’s family in Sumatra. My uncle Robin is an elephant trainer. One of the elephants he has trained is called Bulky, whichnmeans ‘very big’. Bulky is gargantuan, just like his body.

Uncle Robin said many things about Bulky. He informed me that every time Bulky feels hot, he fans himself by flapping his ears back and forth. I had a chance to ride on him. So I could count how many times Bulky flapped his ears. He did it many times!

Bulky’s eyes are always very watery. As long as I know, Bulky has a very poor sight and depends on his well-developed ears and his sense of smell to aid him in times of need. I think an elephant’s trunk is its nose. Bulky uses it like a hand. Just see the picture. He uses it to pick up the log. The trunk is the most flexible body part that he has. Just below the trunk Bulky has tusks. Only male elephants have tusks.

It is great to be close to an animal like Bulky. When I have a holiday, I want to come to my uncle’s house and ride on Bulky again.


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