Spoof texts: Intan


Cheap Parking

Ina big town, a man waed into a bank. He told the loan officer that he needed to borrow 30 million rupiah because he was going to Europe for a one-week business trip.

The loan officer said the bank would need collateral for the loan. Then, the man handed him the keys and the title papers to his brand new car that was parked in the street in front of the bank.

Obviously, a one billn rupiah car was more than enough collateral. After that, the loan officer gave him the 30 million rupiah. The man left and the loan officer asked a porter to park that luxurious car into the bank’s underground parking garage.

Not long after that, the big joke among the bank employees was all about the foolish man that had put up one billion rupiah collateral for a measly 30 million rupiah loan.

One week later, the man returned from his trip and repaid his loan plus the interest.

The loan officer knew that the man was a multimillionaire. He was curious and wanted to know why the man did such a foolish thing.

The man explained that he just wanted to park his car safely. He understood that he could park his car with a big guarantee in the bank.


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