Analytical Exposition texts: UN


Let’s Make the City Clean and Fresh

A clean and fresh city will surely make the inhabitants healthy. Every morning especially in dry season, all roads must be watered with clean water and swept by workers of regional government under the mayor’s instruction.

To protect people from heavy pollution caused byvcars, trucks and motorcycles, enough trees must be planted along the roads. Every building or house in the city must be surrounded bybshort and small trees which bear colorful flowers.

Bad and impropernhabits whichbcause disadvantages, such as smoking and throwing rubbish anywhere, should be stopped at once.

The city mayor will have to think over the way to educate people, so they realize how important cleanliness and health are. More public lavatories are badly needed.

It will be wise if the city mayor decides a certain amount of fine to be paid by those who break the government regulation on cleanliness matter. For example, a man who urinates not at a lavatory, smokes not at a smoking room or throws rubbish at the roads should be fined. Besides dirtying the environment with cigarettes’ butts, smoking will also cause pollution and bad lung diseases to other people.

So, bad habits and impolite attitude should be immediately stopped, otherwise the city will be dirty, unhealthy, badly polluted and will never attract foreign and domestic tourists as well.

Should Performance Enhancing Drugs be Accepted in Sports?

The issue of using drugs to enhance athlete’s performance is controversial. Those who agree to the use of drugs in enhancing performance say that most top players in all sports take drugs to train harder and feel no pain during play. The trainers, srts doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists and managers of the big names make sure banned substances are taken at the safest and most efficient levels. The main effect of banning such substances has turned performers and their coaches into liars and cheaters.

On the other hand, some still believe that performance enhancing drugs in sport should be banned. Performance enhancing drugs are prohibited not only because they violate the spirit of sport but also they can damage the health of athletes.

I think the idea of allowing them in sports could lead to a situation whereby sportsmen and women are used as human guinea pigs for a constant flow of new, unregulated substances.


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