Simple Past Tense exercises

1. My mum (buy) a cat last year .
2. They (go) in England 5 years ago.
3. I (be) ill yesterday .
4. My father (cut) his hair one year ago.
5. She (do) her homework at 6 pm.
6. He (forget) to call me yesterday.
7. I’m angry because he (eat) all the chocolates !
8. Jason (fight) with Ronan last night.
9. I (not/understand) what she said…
10. I (write) a letter to my grandmother because she lives in Canada.

1. Last year, I (to write) an important report.
2. Two years ago, my brother (to finish) his studies.
3. Yesterday, my neighbours (to make) a lot of noise.
4. Last week end, the children (to spend) the whole day in the park.
5. Last night, I (to watch) an interesting scientific documentary.
6. This monument (to build) a century ago.
7. A terrible accident (to occur) in the street of Algiers last week.
8. My best friend (to win) the first prize many years ago.
9. I (not/hear) the loud noise five minutes ago.
10. Where (you/to buy) your nice dress?

1. I (be) in the first year last year.
2. Who (take)my copybook off the table ?
3. I know what she (do) last week .
4. My son (lose)my key in the yard.
5. I (give) you my phone number yesterday.
6. The teacher (come) in and the lesson started.
7. I (do) it to help you .
8. I (find) my earring on the table.
9. At the meeting last Saturday a young lady (sit) next to me .
10. Cathy (meet) this man on holiday.
11. I (send) you a mail before coming here .
12. I (cut) my hair two years ago.
13. This painter (draw) this picture in memory of his friend.
14. I (go) to church last Sunday.
15. I (know) about it last Monday .

1. She (to come) to school later than I did.
2. He told me that he (may) come today.
3. I (to make) a mistake.
4. He (to be) in another school last year.
5. Many years ago, China (to be) a poor country.
6. It’s high time you (to work) hard.
7. She wishes she (to become) rich.
8. When I was a child I often (to play) with Kelly.
9. She (to leave)two days ago.

1. He (go) to school every morning.
2. She (make) jewels in her pastime.
3. My socks (be) red and my shoes black.
4. I (break) a plate and Mum was angry.
5. I (have) two dogs but no cat.
6. My mother (be) here 5 minutes ago.
7. I (write) a very long story.
8. (she /go) to the swimming pool ?
9. I (be) sick two days ago.
10. My sister (hang) a poster on the wall.

1. I (hide) a friend in my living-room.
2. He (live) in London.
3. Edgard Allan Poe (write) the first detective story in1841.
4. Sherlock Holmes (be) a world famous detective.
5. Houdini (invent) the impossible escape trick.
6. They (be) very intelligent.
7. Michael Jackson (sing) Billie Jean, Thriller, Smooth Criminal …
8. What (he /do) yesterday morning?
9. I (send) an e-mail to a friend.
10. Peter (die) two weeks ago.

1. Last year she (go) on holiday earlier.
2. All the clothes (be) dirty.
3. He (not know) anything about the country.
4. They (need) three pairs of shoes.
5. She (want) to start a new life.
6. They (not ask) for permission to do it !
7. He had to hurry because he (not have) much time.
8. We (add) our names to the bottom of the list.
9. Two weeks ago she (borrow) a ladder from her neighbours.
10. Yesterday she (break) her glasses.

1. I (go) to Australia in 2004.
2. You (be) ill yesterday.
3. She (use) the computer last night.
4. We (invite) our friends to the party.
5. He (tell) the truth.
6. You (come) with your father last year.
7. I (lose) my pencil.
8. She (stay) in his friend’s house.
9. We (telephone) him yesterday.
10. They (have) lunch at home last week.
11. Susan (buy) a new car in July.
12. Peter (complete) his homework this morning.
13. My parents (fly) to Paris two weeks ago.


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