Adjective Clause Exercises

Combine each of the following pairs of simple sentences into one complex sentence containing an adjective clause.

1. The theft was committed last night. The police has caught the man.
2. The French language is different from the Latin language. Latin was once spoken throughout Europe.
3. You are looking upset. Can you tell me the reason?
4. He had several plans for making money quickly. All of them have failed.
5. The landlord was proud of his strength. He despised the weakness of his tenants.
6. This is the village. I was born here.
7. You put the keys somewhere. Show me the place.
8. Paul was an old gentleman. He was my travelling companion.
9. A fox once met a crane. The fox had never seen a crane before.
10. The shop keeper keeps his money in a wooden case. This is the wooden case.

Directions: Combine two sentences together to make one sentence. Put the adjective clause after the noun that it describes. You can use “who” or “that” to put the clauses together.

Example: The student is a very nice person. / She comes from Japan.

                The student who comes from Japan is a very nice person.

1. We sent a package to our relatives. They live in Iowa.
2. The woman works as a cashier. She sits next to me in class.
3. That’s the book. Everyone is reading it.
4. We bought some trees. Our neighbor told us they were on sale.
5. The car has a bad engine. I bought it last month.
6. I lived in an apartment building. It had a very slow elevator.
7. You should see a doctor. He can help you with your back problems.
8. The tornado was extremely powerful. It hit Minnesota.
9. We saw the woman at the grocery store. She lives next door to us.
10. My wife returned the pants. They were too big for me.

Directions: underline the adjective clauses. Add or delete commas as necessary.
1. The table at which we usually sit has been taken.
2. Doctor Smith, who recently moved to Florida, won the lottery.
3. Professor Jones, whom we admire greatly, is retiring this year.
4. Bring the box that has the green writing on it.
5. This is the last of the money I brought with me.
6. Traveling with someone who has a zest for life is rewarding.
7. You need to buy the one that has the most vibrant colors.
8. Is this the problem that gave you trouble?
9. The boy whose dog is lost is crying.
10. The chair that I left in the middle of the floor caused the accident.
11. The boy who won first prize humbly accepted the trophy.
12. The grapes which we picked last week are moldy.
13. The hotel we wanted to stay in is closed for renovations.
14. Our car has been in the shop for two weeks which has been quite a problem for us.
15. The student who masters clauses will master writing, also. 
16. Pizza is a lunch that is easily prepared. 
17. Pictures that make you smile are good to have hanging in your room. 
18. The winning goal was scored by someone whom I don’t know.
19. After supper, which will be sometime around seven, we will open the presents.
20. The hot water bottle perched on her head was starting to leak.


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