How to use Future Continuous tense

We use the future progressive tense for:
A continuous action in the future which is interrupted by a time or by another action.
I’ll be waiting when you arrive.
At eight o’clock, I’ll be eating dinner.
(see the past continuous which is used in a smiliar way)

A complete action in the future that will happen in the normal course of events.
The Government will be making a statement later.

Because this talks about something that will happen if everything is as we planned, we often use this tense to ask politely about what someone is going to do.
Will you be taking your car to the meeting? (=I’m asking very indirectly and politely – perhaps I want to get a lift)

To make a guess about the present.
My mother will be working now. (= I think she is working now, but I’m not completely certain)

Source: Perfect English Grammar


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