It is used to tell an odd and funny event based on the real life. Spoof is aimed at entertaining the readers and It is usually ended by an unexpected event (TWIST).

Generic Structure:

  • ORIENTATION (Pengenalan): provides information about the setting (when and where) and introduces participants/character (who)
  • EVENTS (Rekaman Peristiwa, kejadian atau kegiatan yang biasanya disajikan dengan urutan kronoligis): tell what happened, in temporal sequence (personal comment/expression of evaluation).
  • TWIST (Unexpected Ending or Funny)

Language Features:

  • Focus on person, animal, certain thing.
  • Use of action verbs, e.g.: run, eat, etc.
  • Using adverbs of time and place
  • Use of Simple Past Tense
  • Told in chronological order
  • Action verbs/material processes (went, slept, ran, caught, arrived, bought, looked at) E.g. He went to the zoo; She was happy.
  • Temporal sequence (on Friday, one day, at the beginning, in the end, first, then, next, before, later, finally, etc)

Source: Text Types

Source: clipartoday

Aren’t you his mother?
(who, when, where)
A young boy was playing with a ball in the street.He kicked it too had, and it broke the window of a house and fell inside. A lady came to the window with the ball and shouted at the young boy, so he ran away, but he still wanted his ball back.
Event 1:
A few minutes later he returned and knocked at the door of the house. When the lady answered it, he said,”My father’s going to come and fix your window very soon.”
Event 2:
After a few more minutes a man came to the door with the tools in his hand, so the lady let the boy take his ball away.
Event 3:
When the man finished the window, he said to the lady,”That wil cost you exactly ten dollars.

Twist (the funny part):

“But aren’t you the father of that young boy?”the woman asked looking surprised,”No.” he answered, equally surprised,”Aren’t you his mother?”

Source: Text Types


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