IT IS USED TO TELL PAST EXPERIENCE (what we or someone did, what took place) that is aimed at informing and entertaining
Personal recount ( retelling of an activity that the speaker/writer has been personally involved) e.g. oral anecdote, diary entry, biography
Factual recount (recording the particulars of an incident e.g. police report, news report)
Imaginative recount (taking on an imaginary role and giving details of events) e.g. a day in the life of ………

It provides information about the setting (when & where) and introduces participants/character (who)
It  tell what happened, in temporal sequence
          (personal comment/expression of evaluation)

RE-ORIENTATION (optional):
Its closeure of events (e.g. comments or conclusion)


Noun and pronoun as substitution of person, animal, involved thing, E.g.: David, the Monkey, We, etc.
          Specific participants (Mr./Mrs ……, our dog, the thief)
Using Past Tense
Action verbs/material processes (went, slept, ran, caught, arrived, bought, looked at) E.g. He went to the zoo; She was happy. 
Temporal sequence (on Friday, one day, at the beginning, in the end, first, then, next, before, later, finally, etc)

Narrative and recount in some ways are similar. Both are telling something in the past so narrative and recount usually apply PAST TENSE; whether Simple Past Tense, Simple Past Continuous Tense, or Past Perfect Tense. The ways narrative and recount told are in chronological order using time or place. Commonly narrative text is found in story book; myth, fable, folklore, etc while recount text is found in biography.

The thing that makes narrative and recount different is the structure in which they are constructed. Narrative uses conflicts among the participants whether natural conflict, social conflict or psychological conflict. In some ways narrative text combines all these conflicts. In the contrary, we do not find these conflicts inside recount text. Recount applies series of event as the basic structure.

Source: Text Types


On Friday we went to the blue montains. We stayed at David and Delta’s house. It has a big garden with lots of colorful flowers and a tennis court.

Complication: Development of the crises

On Saturday we saw the three sisters and went on the scenic railway. It was scary. Then, Mommy and I went shopping with Della. We went to some antique shops and I tried on some old hats.


On Sunday we went on the scenic Skyway and it rocked. We saw cockatoos having a shower. In the afternoon we went home.

Source: Text Types


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